What is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy helps restore functional mobility while reducing pain through individualized exercise programs, hands on techniques, patient education on proper body mechanics, postural & ergonomic assessment, and use of modalities including traction, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, laser, heat, and ice. Each patient is evaluated by a highly educated, licensed Physical Therapists (PTs) to determine the best treatment plan. Patient's will learn lifelong health benefits in injury prevention and management of chronic conditions decreasing the need for surgical intervention and dependency of medication. 

Do I need a referral to come to IPT?

The state of California has "Direct Access" allowing you to get evaluated by a Physical Therapist legally without a Physicians referral. Some insurances require that you get authorization prior to your Physical Therapy visit. Please call your insurance prior to making an appointment to determine the process they require.

What insurances do you take?

  • PPO's
  • Some HMO's
  • Medicare
  • Workers Compensation
  • Liens

Why should I come to IPT?

We have been serving Southern California since 1973 helping thousands of patients each month at our different locations. Patient care and satisfaction is our priority during this pivotal time. Our multiple IPT locations, staff of therapists, and electronic charting provides many opportunities to patients including appointment options, ability to transfer to a different location and/or therapist. Also, we can get you in for your initial evaluation within 24-72 hours instead of weeks like other clinics.  The medical field is constantly changing and thus our practice is always evolving to better care for our individuals. 

Can I come to IPT even though my doctor referred me to another facility?

Yes, the physician gives you only recommendations. You have the legal right to choose any Physical Therapy clinic. 

What should I bring to my first visit?

  • Completed paperwork (see patient forms)
  • Insurance Card(s)
  • Picture ID
  • Referral/Prescription
  • Any imaging reports (MRI, CT scan, X-ray)

What can I expect during my first visit?

Your Physical Therapist (PT) will bring you into a private room to perform a thorough examination that can last anywhere from 45-60 minutes.  During this time the PT will ask a history of your current condition and any pre-existing issues. Then the PT will perform an exam to determine if you have any strength, range of motion, flexibility, joint, or soft tissue deficits. During and/or after the completion of the exam, your PT discusses their findings and how it impacts your daily life and determines the best individualized treatment plan. You may experience more pain after examination which is normal. 

What should I wear to initial evaluation and future visits?

Please wear unrestricted clothing that can be easily accessible to the PT while maintaining modesty. 

How many visits will I need?

This depends on your diagnosis, whether or not you had surgery, any comorbidities, and compliance with your home exercise program. Our goal is to get you healthier and the ability to return to your daily routine/sports as soon as possible. We like to start 3x/week to get you back on track and depending on your progress your physical therapist may decrease the amount of visits.

How is IPT going to help me?

We will give you a customized workout routine and hands on care so you can become more functional in every aspect of your life. Any recent injury or chronic issues can take a toll on a person's emotional wellbeing and our compassionate IPT therapists will help you succeed through this journey and try to make it as fun as possible. Post surgical individuals, the goal is to not only get you back to all the activities you were performing prior but to exceed them and prevent future injuries. The same goes with chronic issues but also includes the management of your condition. 

Can I go to another IPT location and/or change my physical therapist?

Yes, all of our charting is computerized therefore any therapist can access your entire history with IPT. We want you to be satisfied with your physical therapist and provide the most convenient location for all your rehab needs.